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What is our camp?

International Language ISS Camp is located on the Fuerteventura island (Canary Islands, Spain). Here, we have developed and implemented an exclusive program for active leisure and live language learning. The ISS Camp improves children’s qualities of a modern successful person: communication, proactive position, broad-mindedness and a sense of purpose.

With us, children find and develop their strengths and talents. It allows them to be confident in their abilities in the future.

ISS Camp in numbers

2011 YEAR
Camp Opening
Shift duration
Come back once again
ISO 9001
Quality standard performed in the Camp

Surfing and
Active Leisures

The most frequent questions about surfing:
What are the
benefits of surfing?
Recall your first successful ride on a bicycle, ski or car.
Surfing is incomparably stronger. The feeling of control over your body and your board is totally unique.
Why surfing?
What if my child
will not like it?
  1. Surfing gives a great feeling of euphoria and self-confidence when your child makes the first progress (and with our help, he or she will definitely do it).
    It is an important psychological factor.
  2. If your child does not like it, he or she can have a rest: swim in the ocean, play with other children and counsellors.
(P.S.: There have been no indifferent children in our experience)
Who conducts
surfing classes?
ISS Camp children instructors certified in Canary Surf Certification.
How often are the classes
held and how long do they last?
They run 3 times a week,
4 hours along with
briefing and relaxation.
How do you control
children in the water?
Briefly about the safety issues:
  1. Children surf on the lightest spots with low wave activity.
  2. The swimming area is limited, with specific soft surfboards for beginners.
  3. Up to 12 children can be in the water at the same time. There is 1 instructor per 4 children.
    Additionally, counsellors are present in the water
What else awaits children in the outdoor activities program?
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Self Confidence and Goals Achievement

How we unleash the children's potential
Our camp will help children reach their full potential,
develop communication skills and learn how to achieve goals.
How does the camp program have this effect?
  • Surfing and action program
    (formation of leadership skills, determination to achieve the desired)
  • Teambuilding classes
    (teamwork and interpersonal skills improvement)
  • Discussion club (the ability to argue the point of view)
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  • Masterclasses for creative children
  • Cooking workshop from the ISS Camp Chef
  • The program of studying the island and its secret places (broadening the outlook and thirst for new knowledge)
Leave behind such problems as:
  • Conflict
  • Passivity
  • Uncertainty
  • Lack of independence
  • Shyness in communication

Good nutrition means plentiful of energy!

Camp Menu:
Special diets

We have equipped our kitchen to cook for children who need diet food (vegetarians, allergy sufferers, etc.). Just let us know when filling out the form about your child’s nutritional profile, and we will pass this information on to the camp manager and kitchen staff.

Did you know?

Our staff has been specially trained in diet planning and cooking healthy and nutritious foods. We know how much children need healthy food. Because at ISS Camp, your child will require plenty of energy!

Comfortable children accommodation
and the camp’s special focus on security.

The camp is in Corralejo, 100 meters from the ocean, 10 minutes on foot to the city centre.
Children live in modern villas for 3 persons in a room,
each equipped with new furniture and facilities, Wi-Fi included.

Counsellors stay with children day and night.
The camp's area is under protection.
Before the trip, we become familiar with the health features of all children and provide diet food, if necessary.

Parents’ reviews

Online diary for parents
Be with children 24/7!

To be aware of what is happening in the camp and to see the children's progress, we keep a private online diary only for parents of shift participants.

A detailed online diary is organized in messengers:

Shifts Dates and Costs

Dates and Costs
What’s Included
First Shift
6 June — 20 June
Left: 0 places

Common price:

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Second Shift
22 June — 6 July
Left: 0 places

Common price:

Learn more
Third Shift
8 July — 22 July
Left: 18 places

Common price:

Learn more
Fourth Shift
24 July — 7 August
Left: 14 places

Common price:

Learn more
Fifth Shift
09 August — 23 August
Left: 16 places

Common price:

Learn more
What’s included?
  • Children’s meeting in airport and transfer to the camp
  • Camp accommodation and all infrastructure usage
  • 4 meals a day
  • Language program
  • Surfing and activities program
  • Sightseeing and excursions program
  • The rest of the camp program
  • Insurance
What is NOT included to the price?
  • Flight 300-350 Euro (both there and back)
  • Visa fees (about 30 Euro)
  • Escort from the city of departure
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What result do you get?
Love for Surfing and Sports
Trip to the Canaries
Personality and Leadership Improvement

How is the flight going?

The flight is carried out by groups from large cities.
A group of children is accompanied by a camp employee.
We select the best conditions for group flights,
and we also advise and assist in obtaining a visa.
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